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One of the most important accessories for your laptop is the laptop bag or laptop case/sleeve. It not only protects your laptop and helps you carry around all your other gear and papers, the laptop bag also can be a fashion statement. You can use this website to help you select the best laptop bag for your needs.

The bag you choose will depend on several features and considerations, but the most important one is how you plan on using the bag. If you’re a frequent traveler, for example, you should look for a bag labeled “checkpoint friendly”. If you have a very large and heavy laptop, a wheeled/rolling briefcase style can help prevent sore shoulders. If you carry a lot of documents, a spare battery, portable hard drive, and/or lots of other stuff? Look for both spaciousness and pockets for bag organization.

Don’t forget to check the bag’s dimensions – both overall dimensions and laptop compartment dimensions – to make sure your laptop will fit in the bag.


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